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Tallgrass Gothic

Tallgrass Gothic by Melanie Marnich

Director: James R. Taulli

Scenic Design: Mauri Anne Smith

Costume Design: Spencer Purdy

Makeup/Hair Design: Alejandro Bermudez

Sound Design: John Favreau

Projections Design: John Favreau, Carly McNamee

Lighting Design: Christian D. Henrriquez

Asst. Lighting Designer: Aaron Aceves

Production Photos: Jordan Kubat

Producer: California State University, Fullerton

(March 2016)


"From a purely visual standpoint, “Tallgrass Gothic” is an absolute joy to look at. The red lights emanating from the play’s lanterns set the tone for the production’s decidedly more gothic elements, while a yellow glow spreads across the stage whenever life is not at its absolute worst. Often, as Laura dives into her own personal hell, the stage will go dark with only a few harsh lights to illuminate the figures. Shadows are cast from the actors in a way that is both theatrical and striking. At one moment toward the story’s climax, the shadows were so prominent that they were practically characters in themselves."

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